I’m JJ

Cellular Transformation Facilitator


Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

Work through resistance, fear, or doubt.

Solidify transformational practices and meditations into your everyday life

Learn how to stay connected to Divine Source energy.

Deepen your understanding of the Lower Dantian/Hara

Learn how to discern the difference between expansion & contraction.


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~ Sidhamo

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“In our first session, as JJ invoked Great Spirit to help heal me the tears began to flow. JJ led me in a meditation to point me a to a deep inner light within my being – my Hara that knew how to be with the pain and that my Hara could provide a very reliable internal compass."

~ Mike

Tune back into your own rhythm, love, and passion for life.   


JJ McSweeney is a tradesman, carpenter, builder and CT practitioner. A seeker of life, truth, and Spirit, he has been on the CT healing path for 25 + years.  He resides at Spirit Center, a community commited to raising individual and planetary consciouness, in Canyon Lake, Texas.